Having Less Tuna on the Menu May be the Only Way We’ll Keep Them in the Sea

Sustainability, as I see it, simply means meeting our current needs for natural resources, food and water in a manner that doesn’t negatively impact the ability of future generations to meet those same needs.

This definition, unfortunately, isn’t one we’ve yet fully put into practice when it comes to extracting fish from the ocean. In fact, we’ve now reached the point at which every can of tuna we buy or plate of ahi sushi we order makes it less likely that the most popular varieties of tuna – yellowfin, bluefin and skipjack — will be included in the diets of future generations.

Now, having come from a family of tuna fishermen, I think I can honestly say that no one has more respect than I do for the hard-working people who have devoted their lives to this arduous and often risky endeavor.  I’ll also admit that there’s nothing I like better than raw sashimi made from ahi tuna without rice. But having become convinced that the tuna fishing industry that’s so much a part of my heritage has finally tipped the scales when it comes to the sustainability and, indeed, the very survival of the species, I am pledging – however reluctantly — to cut down on my tuna consumption, and to completely desist from eating the endangered yellowfin variety.

I would also strongly urge my fellow fish lovers to consult the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Seafood Watch” pocket guide for your region to help you determine which fish can be eaten without threatening the viability of the species.  Whole Foods Market also has a simple color-coded tag on seafood for the same purpose.

Sadly, the abundance of tuna in the seas that I observed as a boy on my father’s boat has become a thing of the past. And as consumers, we’re the ones who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that our endangered marine resources are given a chance to replenish themselves before they reach the point of no return.

The Discovery Channel Sinks to New Depths in Extolling the Extermination of the Swordfish

The Discovery Channel should be ashamed of itself for turning the deliberate extermination of a majestic species into entertainment. I’m referring to the series, “Swords,” which glorifies the various captains and crews whose pursuit of swordfish — “hunting for giants,” as the network’s Web site terms it – makes it ever more likely that these remarkable and beautiful creatures will have disappeared from the oceans within the space of a couple more generations.

Watching them taking baby Swordfish and “long-lining” – a technique that snares a lot of other species like tuna and sharks as well as the sought-after swordfish—made me feel so sick that I eventually had to turn off the show. And don’t forget – I come from a family of commercial fishermen, and usually have nothing but the greatest respect for people in that line of work.

Now what, you might ask, is the difference between “Swords” and “The Deadliest Catch,“ which is also on the Discovery Channel, and which, by contrast, I thought was a great show? The answer is that the quarry on the latter show were King and Opilio crabs from the Bering sea — species that are protected and are not migratory predators like Swordfish are.  By law you can only take so much crab out of the ocean, catches being highly regulated according to pounds and the size of crabs caught. But with swordfish, that is not the case. Ultimately, long lining is going to wipe out this species — which is why I find watching a show like “Swords” a little bit like watching a celebration of the clear cutting of the rain forest.

With World Oceans Day coming up on June 8, I hope you’ll join me in letting The Discovery Channel know that this is one fishing show that needs to be to taken off the air. It also wouldn’t hurt if we all refrained from eating swordfish, which is the only way we can put an end to this systematic slaughter of a species.

Where can I buy Phen375?

phen375 where to buy

There are so many kinds of diet pills on the market today, but what sets them aside from each other? One thing that sets them aside from each other is if they actually work or not. One real popular diet pill to hit the market is called the Phen375. It actually came on the market in 2009. It has been very successful with helping people lose the extra fat that they need to lose. It is really quite simple. All you need to do is remember to take this pill every day.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Does this diet pill actually work?” Well to answer your question, yes Phen375 does work. It actually does several different things that make it all happen for you! It suppresses your appetite, so after taking this pill you will no longer feel the urge to eat when you are bored. When it is time to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner you will not be as hungry as you usually are so in turn you will be eating fewer portions.

By eating fewer portions you are cutting back on your calories. It actually helps you burn more calories than you normally do. Since it’s helping you burn more calories and you are actually eating less calories now, that’s even more you’re going to be losing with just that right there. Another great aspect of this pill is it increases your metabolism. When trying to lose weight it always helps to have high metabolism. It helps you to burn more calories.

Now when asking you phen375 does it works, here’s something to keep in mind. It has natural ingredients that make this product so powerful. Here are just a few of the ingredients. Dimethylpentylamine is one of them. Trimethylxanthine, this one is actually the ingredient that suppresses your appetite. Another key ingredient is Capsaicin. What this ingredient does is increase the blood flow, and targets the fat cells.

Now that you know a few of the main ingredients one can understand why this diet pill is so powerful. One can lose anywhere from three pounds up to five pounds a week. That’s just from the pill itself. Imagine how much more one may lose if they added exercise into this program. It would smooth things right along. With all the reviews online there are so many positive reviews from people losing this excess fat that they have been having so many problems losing in the past. They gave Phen375 a chance, now it’s your turn to lose your weight and feel great about yourself. If you need information where to buy Phen375 go to buyphen375pill.com. Get your body ready for this summer!

Natural Weight Loss Pills and Their Long Term Effects

I will begin my diet on Monday with natural weight loss supplements. This is a very big step for me. I’m glad that I only have to worry about myself and that I am not the parent of the fattest kid in the world. Every year you do the same ole New Year’s Resolution. To what end, nothing. Day by month for month year after year you are tired. You can activate your mind and body with a natural weight loss supplement.

Some say the most important component in your weight loss plan is exercise coupled with all natural weight loss supplements. If you think exercise, which is a dirty word, it is time to change your mind. Exercise is good, which means you have to do it each day. Also, taking the best natural weight loss supplements helps too.

Today begin, a resolution, to change your life. Leave the keys and take a walk but watch out for dogs and other stray animals and strange men. They can be dangerous and hurt you. If you run around your house while doing house work which could be done in 10 minutes or less time (because the faster the movement, more calories get burned), then you can get your fitness in. Another booster is taking natural supplements for weight loss. Also the natural weight loss supplement for women are different than men’s. Look into which ingredient will work the best for your sex.

You can also get off on an early floor while riding an elevator and you to go up the stairs, but watch out for strange men and aliens lurking in the dark. Each active activity burns calories – and more calories, which burn fat, which results in more lost weight.

If you are ready to really start, do the research on natural weight loss products and also keep a physical work out that is filled with your interests in the understanding that you may not achieve your goals. If you join a gymnasium (which can cost a lot of money especially in this economy. It might be cheaper or free to take up a sport or you could go up at least 10,000 steps one day. But do not wait, until you think that you can do it all. All of this sounds good but you must take the best natural supplements for weight loss to achieve good results.

The herbal weight loss supplements are the best because they are all natural weight loss supplement. These are the best things I know to do because it works a lot of the time but you really want it to work more often than not. You don’t want to have failures because that will really bring you down, so take natural weight loss supplements to help you with your weight loss program.

Premium Raspberry Ketone Exposed

For all those people, who are spending long hours at gyms and other workout arenas, here is good news. Now, you do not have to get up early in the morning for your exercises. You will not even have to take a break from what you eat. With no dieting and no compromises, you will be able to lose drastic weight with the help of premium raspberry ketone. This product is specially made for the overweight people, who are desperate to get back to their slim shapes. How will this product be beneficial for you? How will it bring the desired results in front of you? Let us find out the same.

How the Weight Gets Reduced?

Premium raspberry ketone comes with a unique formula, which involves the higher rate of metabolism in your body. With the consumption of this product, a heat is generated in your body, which affects the metabolism rate. This high rate allows the fats deposited in your body to burn at a faster rate, which eventually results in your weight loss. With this kind of process going through your body, you will be able to witness the positive results in couple of days. And, as the results come, your confidence will start increasing too.

Premium Raspberry Ketone Natural Components

Again, there are many people, who are more worried about the negatives of any new product in the market. Instead of looking to their positive side, they get disturbed with the side effects. As far as the premium raspberry ketone is concerned, you do not need to worry at all. This is because it is prepared with all natural components, which are totally beneficial for your health. It can also be said that it has become a revolutionary product in the market, which is delivering success to masses out there.

As far as the ingredients is concerned, premium raspberry ketone comes with green tea, mango extract, resveratrol, acai berry and other components. All these ingredients are well known in the market and are known for their capabilities. Be it a matter of fat burning, cholesterol control or any other aspect, they are simply the expert in it. With regular dosage of such product, you will definitely be able to maintain the weight of your body, without any problems. These kinds of products are meant to provide the guaranteed results to the users. In fact, these are so much effective that in many cases, even the doctors also recommend them.

Overall Health Benefits

Besides the above-mentioned points, premium raspberry ketone is also beneficial for your cardiac issues. The main cause for all the heart attacks is said to be the excessive cholesterol levels. With the help of this product, you will be able to directly cut down on the same. Your heart functioning will certainly improve a lot with this and you will have a lesser chance of getting any problem related to heart. In addition, you will also be able to manage your blood pressure levels. For patients with high levels of blood pressure, this is considered as one of the most appropriate products in the market.

Other than just a fat burner, there is another important role for the premium raspberry ketone to play. The product simply suppresses your hunger and brings down your excessive appetite. This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to eat well. Basically, this is just a break to your additional and odd hunger that had no control in the past. With the ketone product, you will be able to normalize the same and bring your hunger in control. Again, this product also gives you tremendous energy so that you do not feel low on losing your weight. This is something that is overlooked by most of the products. And, you tend to get the weakness and dizziness with the weight loss. However, this aspect has been taken total care of and you will get to witness the complete advantage regarding the energy levels.

Not only this, premium raspberry ketone will also help you in fighting with the diseases like diabetes, or any liver related issues. With your health and fit body, you will be able to come out of these issues as well, if suffering in the past. From all the perspectives, it is definitely a beneficial product and you should definitely go ahead with this. You may also consult your doctor before consuming the product as a precautionary measure.

Yacon Syrup: The Holy Grail For Weight Loss

For a long time, people have always faced challenges when it comes to weight loss. As a matter of fact, this is becoming direr in the modern era. More and more continue to fall victims to obesity or being overweight.

This has led to an increase in ailments associated with it. For instance, cases of obesity, high blood pressure, insufficient insulin, as well as cardiac conditions have risen sharply. In order to deal with the predicament, it is becoming necessary to find long lasting and effective solutions. One of the popular options is consumption of yacon syrup. Although the syrup has been available for quite some time, it has only received much attention in the last decade.


What is yacon syrup all about?

The syrup is a golden-brownish sweet tasting and smelling product. It resembles caramel, molasses, or honey. It also comes in other terminologies such as Bolivian sun root, Peruvian ground apple, grand pear, among other names. It is extracted from the tubers (roots) of the yacon plant, (Smallanthus sonchifolius).

The plant is mainly found in the region surrounding the Andes Mountains. The Incas are believed to have been the initial users of the plant. They consumed it as part of diet, and also used it for medicinal purposes.

For instance, in Brazil, the leaves of the plant were used to make tea. In Peru, people added the plant to their food, while in Bolivia; the natives eat the roots in order to improve their digestive system. Regions where the plant grows include Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia.


Yacon syrup and weight loss

The main use of the syrup made from the roots of the yacon plant is for weight loss purposes. Prolonged use of the product helps in getting rid of excess body fat as well as weight. It also helps in maintaining the right body weight by inhibiting the storage of extra fat. This discovery is based on studies carried out on the indigenous people living in the Andean region.

There was also another study that was carried out by a group of scientists. In the study, they discovered that it was possible to reduce weight without even participating in a physical workout. The survey which was referred to as “Genta et al” showed a decrease in waist circumference, body weight, as well as body mass index (BMI).

How does yacon syrup work?

The main ingredient that makes the syrup effective for weight loss is fructooligosaccharides (FOS). This nutrient is a natural sweetener or sugar which contains no artificial ingredient. The roots of the plant contain approximately 35% free fructose. The weight loss product may also contain as much as 50% of FOS. Due to its nature, a person consuming the syrup does not run the risk of gaining weight.

Additionally, the glucose also helps in regulating the blood sugar levels, and increasing the body’s metabolism. This aids the body in burning body fat as well as making the user more active. Other ingredients that make the syrup ideal for losing weight include probiotics, and antioxidants.


Benefits of the Syrup

Taking the weight loss syrup comes with a number of benefits. Furthermore, a user will experience real change due to its fast acting nature. Some of the most notable gains are as follows:


  • Effective in shedding off excess body weight
  • Improved energy level
  • Enhancing metabolism in the body
  • Managing blood sugar levels
  • Improving the digestive system


Syrup from yacon tubers is free from any side effects. This is credited to the fact that no synthetic additives are used. The product also follows with body’s natural metabolism hence does not alter the bodily functions.

A lot of information about the weight loss supplement is readily available. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of misinformation concerning the product. It is therefore necessary to get the right details about a product. Failure to do so might come with a number of side effects.

There are several ways in which a person may minimize the risk of purchasing a low quality, or substandard product. Firstly, dealing with trustworthy sellers is ideal. Secondly, read through various Yacon syrup reviews. Thirdly, follow recommendations from reliable sources such as friends and nutritionists. Finally, going for yacon syrup products which are 100% natural is also helpful.

Good Ab Workouts for Women

Giving birth to your first child can be one of the most rewarding changes you will ever experience in your life; however, along with the baby comes an altered physical appearance and that can be shocking for some women. To get back into shape after the birth of a child requires more than just regular cardiovascular training, it is very important to participate in good ab workouts for women who are recovering from the “stretching” of pregnancy. Face it, your abs aren’t what they used to be and they will probably never look the same, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for flab where there was once firm.

Finding good ab workouts to get abs flat for women that are postpartum is easy enough to do, sometimes the workouts may be referred to as post-baby workouts. The criteria for an effective post-baby ab workout should be that the exercises focus on more than just one muscle in the torso. While traditional abdominal workouts might be effective on the rectus abdominus, they do little for toning the external oblique and lower pelvic muscles.

Furthermore, toning the entire torso should also incorporate core strengthening and stabilizing moves and that requires exercises for the hip abductor and lower back as well. Therefore, in order to qualify as a good ab workouts for women who are recovering from giving birth, the workout should include exercises for the entire abdominal, pelvic, and lower back region.

You may need to change up your ab workouts so that all the muscle groups get the necessary attention, and that is where the internet may be your best resource because of the variety of ab workouts that are available. You may even find some low cost equipment or products to help to keep you focused on getting back into shape after giving birth.

Whether you choose something like the Ab Rocker that has been around for quite some time or the Flex Belt, the best ab belt – that utilizes new exercise science to produce flexion of the rectus abdominus and external oblique muscles, you are training your ab muscles-one through body weight resistance, the other through EMS muscle stimulation technology.

Cost does not have to be a barrier if you choose to purchase products or the best ab belt that promise to deliver good ab workouts for women like you, if it costs more than a couple hundred dollars you may wasting your money. Don’t let the market convince you otherwise.

If you combine healthy eating and cardiovascular exercise that you do every day with some simple ab workouts that you do every other day, you will soon recognize the body you used to know before baby came along.

Does Yacon syrup really work?

It’s the newest, much-hyped player in the weight-loss market. If you’re overweight and your diet is lacking in fiber, you’ve probably read that yacon extract could make the difference for you in terms of dieting success. What’s more, it’s natural, organic, low-calorie and can easily be made a part of your regular diet. But is yacon syrup really the fantastic weight-loss breakthrough that it claims to be? Let’s take a look.

What are benefits of yacon syrup?

Good question. What ARE the benefits of yacon syrup? What even is yacon?

Yacon grows in the Andes. It’s a plant with tuber roots. The roots are the important bit, because that’s where all the good stuff is. For centuries, south Americans with digestive issues or diabetes have benefited from eating yacon-root products.

Yacon extract syrup can help you lose weight because it speeds up your metabolism, boosts the fiber content in your diet (great news if you suffer from constipation) and also helps you feel full. It can also regulate your blood-sugar levels and help your body to produce less cholesterol.

As you feel healthier inside, you’ll look healthier outside.

Yacon syrup: does it work?

It’s all very well reading these claims, but where’s the proof? We’ll take a look at two studies that show how taking yacon actually helped overweight women lose the pounds and inches.

In 2009, 55 obese women took part in a study (published in Clinical Nutrition) in which they took 3-4 yacon syrup teaspoons during the course of each day for a 120-day period. They were also asked slightly to reduce the calories they consumed, and to walk for 45 minutes twice a week. So there were no drastic changes to their daily lives – the women in the trial only did what most of us do when embarking on a new diet plan. The control group did not take yacon syrup.

So what happened? Well, the women who didn’t take yacon didn’t notice any significant differences to their bodies or health. But those who took yacon lost an average of 4 inches from the circumferences of their waists and an average of 33 pounds in weight! The study also recorded that these women increased their bowel movements, improved their insulin levels and the levels of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol in their bodies reduced.

The other study that’s caused a huge stir was carried out by TV’s Dr Oz. Before talking about yacon on his show, he carried out a trial involving 60 women, whom Dr Oz asked to eat a teaspoon of yacon syrup before or with their meals for one month. They didn’t make ANY OTHER CHANGES to their diet or exercise regimens.

Two-thirds of the women successfully finished the project and 73% of them lost weight (an average of 3 pounds per woman).

So there’s REAL EVIDENCE that yacon syrup can help weight loss and improve health.

What is Meratol All About?

Having excessive body fat is never a quality that many people accept and as such, the weight loss market is now a million dollar industry.  Based on the fact that many people are trying to lose weight, researchers and scientists have created products to aid in weight loss. But, as with everything else today, there are some products that work and others that does not. If you are searching for an effective weight loss supplement, Meratol comes highly recommended. Many dieters all over the world are now turning to this product, so you should really go out and buy Meratol.


Why Buy Meratol and how does it work?

Knowing how to control the amount of calories you take consume in one day is the major key to weight loss. Since this is very hard to do, the Meratol will come in handy.  Meratol works to control your blood pressure levels, which in turn controls the need for snacking.  When you eat snacks in small portions in a day, you will consume fewer calories.


Ingredients found in Meratol

Before you can buy Meratol, you must first learn about the ingredients and what the product is made from. The four most active ingredients found in Meratol are extracts from Capsicum, brown seaweed, cactus, and prickly pear. The ingredients in this product have been carefully selected to increase your metabolic rate due to the increase in burnt calories.

As was mentioned before, the only way to lose weight is to control your caloric intake and this is the major reason why Meratol is so popular.  This popularity has spread through the United States of America, Europe, the Caribbean and even some countries in the Middle East.  Meratol usage has seen amazing benefits and it is on the top of many dieters’ lists.  This product is claiming a 3-5 pounds weight loss per week.  Will you lose that amount in body fat when you take Meratol? The only way to do know this is to give the product a try.

In order for you to see the full benefits and gain of this product, you must first buy it, read the instructions and follow through as specified by the creators.  A good diet and exercise routine will also aid in the weight loss process and make the effects of Meratol even more amazing.

Buy Meratol Now – Get Huge Discount!

If you have tried almost every diet and exercise program and you are still struggling with excess weight, you need to try something new.  Buy Meratol, try it for a few weeks and see what happens. This product has worked for so many people before, so it’s safe to assume that it will work for you too.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review

garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that is found in Southeast Asia and India. It’s shaped liked a pumpkin and is related to the tamarind fruit. It has been researched heavily because of its fat burning properties. It can help inhibit the production of fat in the body and burn fat when you’re not eating.

It’s now one of the most popular fat burners because of how effective it has been for the millions of people who have lost weight with it.

Although there are a lot of weight loss supplements available, this is one of the most effective and least expensive. It can help increase weight loss results 2-3 times more than what people would experience with diet and exercise alone. There are a lot of medicinal uses for this and it has been around for a while, but its fat burning properties are pretty new.

Anyone who is already eating healthy and exercising regularly can lose more weight using this supplement than they would alone. All they have to do is take it on a regular basis and continue doing so until they reach their goal weight. Most other extracts would become ineffective over time, but this is not the case with garcinia cambogia.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work for Weight Loss?

When you take this supplement it will:

– Increases your serotonin levels
– Manages your cortisol
– Suppresses your appetite
– Reduces fat storage
– Reduces cholesterol

Fat Storage

All of these things can help you lose more weight so you see results sooner than you would otherwise. Once this extract goes into your body and hits your liver, it will block carbohydrates and sugars that you eat from turning into fat cells. This will convert them into energy that your body can use right away, which shrinks your fat cells and makes you lose weight!

This is a unique supplement because it can help you maintain your lean muscle mass while reducing the fat inside of your body. This will mean losing actual dress sizes and fat instead of seeing huge numbers change on the scale. This is what you want to happen when you lose weight, especially if you want to see results quickly.

Appetite Suppressant

Once you take this supplement it will hit your stomach and release chemicals that go into the bloodstream. Once these make their way into the brain, they will change the way your appetite is regulated temporarily. After this, serotonin is released and your fat cells will start to release fat. This will make you feel like you are full, even if you haven’t eaten a lot or have only drank a glass of water.

The best part is that you will be in a good mood because of that serotonin and won’t feel like you are struggling to skip eating something that you really want! Your appetite will remain suppressed for several hours and even if you do eat, a small portion size will be extremely satisfying.

Cholesterol Reduction

In many studies done, garcinia cambogia was shown to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol inside of those that took it regularly. It also improved good cholesterol and insulin resistance. All of these things contribute to getting individuals to regulate their weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

What to Expect

When you first start taking garcinia cambogia you won’t notice a change on the scale. This is because it works in your body to reduce your fat and keep your lean muscle. You will look smaller in your clothes and eventually start to lose dress sizes. One of the first changes you will notice is that your appetite reduces and your cravings for junk foods decrease.

The serotonin will also help benefit your mood so that you aren’t suffering throughout the diet that you are on. This can help give you the motivation necessary to stop emotional eating and continue eating healthy while exercising. This is a supplement that can jump start your diet and help push you on while you’re already on a sensible diet. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they don’t have to diet when they take this, but that is not the case.

How to Buy

Look for a product that says “GCE” or Garcinia Cambogia on the bottle. It should also have 50% HCA and potassium inside of it, which helps aid with digestion.

My recommendation is a product called Garcinia Cambogia Select with which i had some pretty good results until now ! And from what i have seen on the market, this is the only that can be shipped in almost all the countries. This is important because i know that are a lot of people outside US that want to try it but a lot of products don’t offer international shipping.

For more info you can click the banner bellow and go to the official website to learn how you can get a free bottle with your order !

Returning the Favor: Preserving Our Life-Support System – the Oceans

If you think of the Earth as a gigantic spaceship and think of the oceans as its largest renewable source of oxygen – responsible for generating 70 percent of the amount in our atmosphere – you’ll have an idea of just how much our lives depend on the health of the marine environment.

The fact is that a little form of plankton to which we scarcely give a thought – algae coral — are currently producing enough oxygen to keep all six billion of us humans on the planet breathing. But their habitat is slowly being degraded (along with that other endangered source of oxygen, the Amazon rain forest) to a point where their oxygen-generating capacity could be substantially diminished And that raises the question of what happens if and when Earth’s population reaches the 10 billion mark.

That’s why we need to make a serious effort to allow the world’s oceans to restore themselves, which they’re still capable of doing with proper nurturing. But that’s going to require widespread awareness of the function they serve – in a sense, as our oxygen mask.

The sea has for far too long been regarded as both a vast dumping ground for our trash (to say nothing of things like munitions) and the repository for a practically limitless supply of fish. The result has been that hundreds of millions of tons of aquatic life have been removed from it and replaced by hundreds of millions of tons of trash. Considering that the marine environment is actually the life-support system for the human race, it has proven incredibly resilient and forgiving — but currently it is being stressed to the breaking point. And if don’t want our supply of oxygen (let alone our supply of fish) to keep being depleted until our very survival is threatened, we’ll have to start taking some concrete steps to protect the viability of our oceans.

Such measures, in my opinion, will not require changing our behavior or lifestyle so much  as changing our thinking . It will require making a conscience effort, for example, to not throw trash or litter (including cigarette butts, as I discussed in my last blog) in places where it ends up flowing into storm drains – something that by itself could have a huge impact.  Or to refrain from eating certain varieties of fish, such as blue fin tuna and swordfish, that are currently endangered.

Mainly, it will take just raising our consciousness of the need to restore and preserve our planet’s chief life-support system, both by keeping it from becoming clogged with trash, and keeping its ecology intact. And that’s as good a goal as any to shoot for in observance of World Oceans Day on June 8.

A Simple Invention Helps Reduce a Menace to Marine Life by Motivating Seaside Smokers to ‘Butt In’ and Save a Fish

If there’s one thing that the upcoming global observance of World Oceans Day on June 8 should make us think about, it’s the profound impact that our individual behavior can have on the marine environment.

Take cigarette smoking, for example. The fact that it has long been known to be a health hazard, not only to people who engage in it but to those exposed to the toxic by-products of tobacco smoke, has caused many locales to ban smoking inside public buildings and offices. But sending so many smokers outdoors to satisfy their cravings has added substantially to the number of cigarette butts being tossed on the ground on a daily basis (estimated at 15 billion worldwide). And this, in turn, is posing a growing threat to the creatures that inhabit our oceans.

The next time you’re out walking on a city street, look around at all the cigarette butts that have been carelessly tossed in the gutters and on the sidewalk. Such litter is more than just an unsightly nuisance, since most of it will more than likely end up in waterways that empty into the open sea, where research has determined that each butt discarded in this manner has the capacity to pollute two gallons of water and be fatal to any fish that happen to eat it. In fact, a 2009 study by Professor Richard Gersberg of San Diego State University found that the toxic chemicals released by just one butt from a filter cigarette have the ability to kill half the fish exposed to them in a one-liter container of water. Cigarette litter is also considered to be one of the leading contributors to the increased plastering of the ocean surface with plastic, since cigarette butts are made of cellulose acetate, a type of plastic that is not biodegradable and never fully decomposes.

But now, a simple but rather ingenuous method of at least partially curtailing this insidious menace to marine life has been introduced by a friend of mine and fellow Loyola Marymount alumnus, ocean advocate Mark Armen. Mark’s “BaitTank”—so named because a cigarette remnant actually serves as a kind of toxic bait for fish — is a stainless-steel butt receptacle designed to “attract and educate” smokers at beach and docksides locations who would ordinarily just toss away their stubs without giving it a thought.  It thus doubles as what Mark terms a “platform for ecological messaging” – specifically, a message on the side urging people to “Save some fish. Feed me butts” through three gill-type slots. Topped by an attention-getting recycled surfboard fin, the device can hold up to 5,000 butts without needing to be emptied, and also features a “fish saved meter” that promotes awareness of the positive results of using it.


According to Mark, “Research indicates 38 percent of cigarette litter occurs because there is no nearby receptacle and the remaining 62 percent because the person has no awareness or motivation.”  And results so far indicate that the BaitTank has been quite effective in changing the behavior of both groups, with a nearly 60 percent reduction in cigarette butt litter in waterfront areas of Santa Cruz where the receptacles have been installed being reported by Save Our Shores, an area environmental organization.

True, Mark’s invention may currently solve only a small part of this huge problem – but given how easily it can be utilized, it might well have a much greater impact as word of its effectiveness spreads (and, in fact, it is already being used at locales on both coasts). It also proves that the best pollution solutions are those that resonate with individuals.